Surabaya, The City of Heroes

Surabaya is the second largest-city in Indonesia after Jakarta, and the capital of the province of East Java. It grows as the centre of business, trade, industry and education for the eastern part of Indonesia. It is also well known as the "City of Heroes" and a city with well maintained historic buildings. The mixture of Chinese, European and Arabic architectural styles shows that in the past it was a busy trade centre.

Formly, the city has an image as a very hot city, but now there are many green open spaces which offer beaty and freshness. Most of them are equipped with various facilities such as jogging tracks, children's playground, fountains and ornamental lights. The city gardens are enjoyable not only during the day but in the evening as well, and can be enjoyed by children, young, the old man and also by disabled.

Since 2009, an arround town bus sevice called the "Surabaya Heritage Tracks (SHT)" was provided by local government, in cooperation with House of Sampoerna. This programme offers tourists sightseeing tours around the city on modified buses that look like the trams which once served the city. The two different SHT routes are a short route that runs Tuesday to Thursday and a long one for Friday to Sunday. One of the stop points on the SHT is Tugu Pahlawan (Monument of Heroes) Building in Jalan Pahlawan Surabaya, which is also the city's symbol. In this location there is also a museum and diorama that represent the legacy of the heroic struggles of its youth in securing independence.

The conference venue is:

Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya
Kampus ITS, Sukolilo
Surabaya, Indonesia 60111